9 January 2016

Video! How to teach "Line Out"

Line out is the most important behavior a pulling dog can do.    The most important.   A solid Line Out will keep your dog from being tangled in the lines.  A solid Line Out will keep you from running the dog over on a downward section of the trail.  A solid Line Out will ensure that you can start without whiplash to your or your canine pal.   After reading our blog post on Line Out, a reader from PEI, worked it with her own dog, Nes.   We love to see what you are doing with your dogs!   We also kinda have a major crush on Nes!  What a happy dog!  Look at this awesome team work "Line Out!   Click here to see Nes's "Line Out" video

If you are having trouble with the link, you can always copy and paste the 

URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B53OBlBn4PlDUWJOaGRCYjRHRUE/view

Stephanie H. is a 3rd year vet student in PEI, originally from the (warmer) United States. When not studying, she enjoys teaching silly tricks to her dog, hiking, and skiing. Nes is a Belgian Malinois and retired police K-9 who Stephanie adopted in 2014 after his retirement. He is looking forward to his 13th birthday in early February, when his mom will throw him a doggy birthday party and buy him his favorite food - Little Caesar's Deep Dish pizza!

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