1 October 2014

On By

Your Dog's List of Excellent Things to Stop for on the Trail

10. Somewhere another dog might have gone pee.
9.  Somewhere another dog did pee.
8.  Somewhere your dog wants to pee where another dog already went pee.
7.  Another dog's poo
6.  Another animal's poo.  Mmmmm. Poo.
5. Another dog.
4.A person who might have treats.
3. A person who doesn't like dogs, but this is your dog's chance to win them over to the Dog Side.
2. Dead things.
1.  Smelly dead things!

Your Response to Your Dog's List of Excellent Things to Stop for on the Trail

1. On By!

Pretty Simple

Don't let your dog reward themselves by stopping.  Be alert, and be ready. Keep your dog moving, and when they move past the distraction, offer so much praise! 

On By! is best trained while you are on foot.   In which you have control over the situation and your speed.  Work on this with one dog at a time, and do it on your daily walks.

Let your dog have some room to move and freedom on the leash.   Walk down the trail or sidewalk.   When your dog stops to sniff, correct him with an "Oh by!" then keep moving!   When your dog moves forward, PRAISE!     Keep moving.

Soon, you will be so good at knowing when your dog is going to stop and sniff that you will just see the head turn, and you will give the "On by" correction and not even have to stop at all.


Your dog may be stopping because he is bored of pulling, or overwhelmed.  Increase your speed and distance slowly, and always leave your dog wanting more.