12 August 2015

Guest Post: Dog Sports Girl: Review Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

Have you met our newest reviewer?  Sarah is from Winnipeg, Mb.  She lives with her dog Davidson, and they compete in many forms of dog sports.   Sarah and Davidson have performed with the SuperDogs and Wild Dogs of Winnipeg!  Welcome!

Product Review: Ruffwear Knot-a-Collar

Recently I tested the Ruffwear Knot-A-Collar. Davidson has been wearing the collar for the past week and I wanted to share some thoughts so you can make the best decision in choosing a collar that will work best for you and your dogs!

First things first, I LOVE this collar; it’s great for wearing around the house for everyday wear, with the slim 7mm reflective rope design it wont irritate the skin or mess up the fur like a regular thick buckle collar. The separate ID tag holder on the front of the collar is quiet and out of the way so it’s never jingling with your leash on walks.

The collar is deigned to adjust using the 2 slip knots located on either side of the collar. With the medium fitting 14-20 inch neck size and the large fitting 20-26 inch the collar is designed to fit your medium to larger size breeds. Ruffwear’s aluminum V-Ring attachment point for your leash is strong and sturdy just like you will find on many of their other products and collars. The belay plate of the collar fits right in the center of the neck and provides a nice fit so the collar stays in place and not irritating the skin.


Is it a good "fit"?

Now this collar is great, but there are some things that don’t make it a good fit for everyone, or every situation.   For the dog who likes to pull or isn’t the most well-mannered furry monster of the pack, this collar might not work out. Even though the thin rope design of the collar is great for wearing around the house and holding your everyday ID tags, it isn’t so great on a dog that likes to push their limits pulling on a leash. Also, unless you have the collar snug so it isn’t coming off any time soon, it’s pretty easy to back out of to go chase the neighborhood rabbits.

 The verdict

In the end I would classify it more as a beautiful ID collar. It’s for the people who prefer their dogs to be “naked” but with the safety of a phone number or for something to hold when your dinner arrives at the door!
Sarah Davidson is the Dog Sports Girl. You can catch her and Davidson at the WildDogs shows.  Look for more of Sarah's review right here! Neither Sarah nor Oxford Dogs was compensated for this review by Ruffwear.

9 August 2015


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