2 March 2014

Gear Review: Howling Dog Duracoat

Gear Review: Howling Dog Duracoat

A good coat is a must.  Yes, even for a big dog.  Even for a hair monster.  Even for a dog with so much hair they could audition for the musical Hair.  Well, maybe not that dog.  But most dogs!   All of our the Oxford dogs have a nice thick double coat, which nature gave.  Nature favored some more than others, but we coat them all.

The Howling Dog Duracoat is an easy to put on, medium weight coat.  The inside is a soft fleece, and the outside has an waterproof and windproof outershell. Between those layers is a polyester filling. Think layers people!  Layers are what keep you and your pets warm on a blustry winter day!    

The coat slips on over the dogs head, and wraps around the dog with a nice wide belly strap that closes with velcro.  Easy.    I think of it like a horse blanket for a dog, it covers the back.   

What I really love about this coat, is that it is long enough.  It goes all the way down the back, and then some.     

Often when I have found coats that fit my dogs, they only come part way down the back.   I want a coat to keep my dog as warm as possible, but still allow them to pee.  This coat does that!

Follow the link to our Gear for Sale Page for the DuraCoat!

My dogs are all around good Canadian dogs.  We go out no matter what the weather.  We just take precautions.  We use these coats in the car on the way to the skijoring trail, so the dogs muscles are nice and warm, and we avoid injuries.   

Another plus, is that I find this coat stays on well.   River is a roller, and she loves to throw her body around and run on anything she finds!  But the coat stay on, and stays in position, despite her rolling.  Because the coat is waterproof, all that rolling does not compromise the warmth of the coat either.   She can roll and roll and roll and not get wet!   Which means we can stay out longer!

In the winter we spend lots of time in the bush, cause there is less wind, and the trails don`t get as blown in.   But in the woods, a number of fabrics can easily become snagged on branches.  Which ruins the coat, or can even trap your dog!   This coat is smooth, with nothing to snag.  It`s held up very well, more so than any other dog coat we have used.  

The coat also have some nice reflective strips, across the front, and by the back legs, making it highly visible during our night skijoring runs and walks.

The verdict!

We love this coat,  it is easy to put on, easy to wash, stays put, and covers enough of the dogs body.   We love it!

Here is what the Sophomore Skijorer has to say about the Dura Coat 

Every good dog needs a good coat.

Howling Dog does it again!
I have had a tough time finding a good quality, warm winter coat for my 75lb dog. Most pet stores cater to little pups and don’t always have coats made for frigid temps.

I ordered a Duracoat from Howling Dog about a month ago and it is amazing.

It fits her entire body and is cut almost like a horse blanket so the back comes down over her rump and ends just above her tail. There is one big belly strap making it super easy to put on. The fleece lining is nice and soft and the outer shell is wind proof- so nice and warm.  The price is also affordable at $40 + shipping.
It is the perfect coat for pre/post run or just a walk on a cold, cold day.

Ember looks spiffy in her new Howling Dog Duracoat. Perfect for a chilly winter walk

Notice how the coat covers all the way down her back to just above the tail!

Disclosure:   Oxford Dogs is a distributor for Howling Dog Alaska, the manufacturer of the Duracoat. The Sophomore Skijorer was not paid or compensated for her thoughts on this product.   


To order the Howling Dog DuraCoat, check out Howling Dog Alaska or the Oxford Dog`s Gear  Page