26 May 2014

Behind the scenes- Oxford Dogs & Friends on TV

Did you see us on TV? 

Here is the clip! 

We got the call about a week ago, “Would you be interested in talking about Micro Mushing?”

Interested?  Just try and stop me!   It’s my passion!  I love spreading the word about micro mushing and activities people can do with their dogs!   We were so in!

So we called up some friends from our local skijoring club, Snow Motion, and picked the place to meet.  Shawna brought her dog Pepper.  Chris brought Blizzard, and Kirsty brought Askum.   We brought Penny, and Belle and Burger.  A great crowd, with awesome dogs!  

I am so thankful to have such awesome mushing friends.    They love their dogs, and we always have a good time with lots of laughs.    
The reporter and camera person were super chill.  They really made this enjoyable, and took the stress out of being in front of the camera.  We had prepared the reporter before hand with some videos and blog posts about what to expect.   My husband, AndrĂ© acted as the media wrangler.  He was the behind the scenes guy that led them to set up their shots, and prompted questions and explained what they were seeing. 
The entire shoot took about 2 hours, with the dogs going back and forth.   As they got bored, we gave them plenty of breaks, and switched trails.      It’s all about the dogs, and we told that to the reporter.  We do this for our dogs.  If they aren't happy, we aren't doing it.    

The main idea we wanted to get across was how to do this safely.   Get the right gear, and get off the roads!  We want people to get out there and share some good experiences with their dogs!  

6 May 2014

First Scooter Run!


First Scooter Run of the Year!

Burger and Belle have been out with my husband on the scooter this year, but finally, I got my chance!   
We headed to La Barrier park.  A super cool park, with a variety of trails, only a few minutes from my house!   We started out crossing the bridge, and into the river bottom.  The trails were a little wet!  So we cruised along the river bottom for awhile.   When we headed up the trails deeper into the woods and away from the river, we ran into snow!  So we turned around and booked it for the open prairie.    The killdeer were out, and shrieking!  Burger has never seen one before, so he was really interested!  But he managed to keep his cool, and not fall for their fake "my wing is broken" antics. 
Click on the picture above to check out the video!  We love comments on here, or on You-Tube!  But even more than comments, we love to see other teams in action!  So please feel free to share a picture or a video!  

3 May 2014

Top 6 reasons your dog needs a backpack!

Your dog needs a backpack.  It's true.  Dog's need jobs, and back packs are great ways to keep them employed. 

People have been putting backpacks on dogs, for hundreds of years.   People have been putting dogs IN backpacks for a long time as well, but that is beyond the scope of this article.   

Top 5 Reasons Your Dog Needs a Backpack

1.  Backpacks can be enjoyed by dogs of almost any size!  

There are a ton of backpacks out there for dogs, from tiny poodles, to giant danes.  Finding a backpack to fit your dog and your budget is easy!   Whenever possible, it is advisable to "try before you buy".  Check that the pack is easy to put on, adjustable, and that your dog does not have an adverse reaction to it before you shell out the cash.  

2.  Makes them tired.

Hey! That's reason enough right there!  A tired dog is a good dog!  We find that a backpack doesn't need to have very much in it, it can even be empty, for a dog to feel mentally tired, and physically fulfilled!  

Here Secret Weapon carries a pack with water in it.  Not only is the water handy, he was a little calmer with the added weight.

3.  Makes them useful.

The possibilities of what you can pack in your dog's pack are endless!   Extra batteries for the camera, water, sunscreen, a first aid kit for the dogs, dry socks, extra shoes, a bathing suit.  A backpack is convenient, and can carry whatever you  and your dog need!  River has even packed gold out for me!   

There's gold in them there pack!

4.  Boosts their confidence.

The more training you do with your dog, the more confident your dog is.  The more confident your dog is, the happier your dog is.  It's a win-win situation!  

In addition, you will receive comments form other trail users about how cool  your dog looks in his pack.   Dogs love to be noticed, especially when they are working hard!  Who doesn't love to be praised?!  

River is happy to carry firewood back to camp

5.  They look cooler. 

Okay, so that one is a bit subjective, but in all seriousness, I think that when other trail users see a dog,  they see a dog who is working. They see a useful dog, with a purpose.  People can respect that.   Not all trail users are fans of dogs, and not all trail users want to share their trails with dogs.   The more Public Relations you and your dog can do, the more access to trails we all enjoy! 

6.  Your dog can carry his own stuff

On longer treks our dogs carry their own food, and bowls in, and they carry their bowls, and poop out.   When in bear country, we always double bag the food.  We double bag the poop as well.  When talking bags, make sure you squeeze out any extra air in the bags, so the plastic doesn't pop, leaving a mess in the pack! 

There you have it.  The Top 6 reasons your dog needs a backpack.  So go, get a backpack! Visit our Gear for Sale Page.    You, and your dog will both be happier for it. 

Burger is just learning to use a backpack so he can carry his own stuff on our adventures!

We love comments! Please leave a comment or share a picture of your pup in a pack!