11 November 2015

Product Review – Kurgo Pinnacle Harness

Product Review – Kurgo Pinnacle Harness

 André and Burger, and the Oxford Dogs were not paid for this review.  We did receive one free harness from Kurgo to test.  

Good Day All! Even though you may have seen plenty of me over the years this is my first post on the blog. I am the other human member of the Oxford Dogs team and I enjoy participating in all kinds of human-canine sports with my fur family. Received I got a chance to test out Kurgo’s Pinnacle Harness with my youngest dog Burger.

In any kind of pulling sport a good solid harness is your most important piece of gear, I have a few harnesses for Burger that I absolutely love so I was excited to put the Pinnacle Harness to the test.
The product itself

Before even trying the harness on Burger I took a few minutes to examine it. The harness appears to be made of very durable material and has solid hardware. This is very important to me as Burger is a strong pull dog that has ripped or broken more than his fair share of gear. The chest plate is fairly broad which should support solid pulling form the chest, and there is a handy back handle to suitcase the dog easily.

The fit

Overall the harness is extremely adjustable. Burger has quite a deep chest and I had no problem fitting him. Because of the design, the harness fits easily over the dog’s head then clasps on both sides, so there is no awkward leg twisting needed. The one thing that I found odd was the clasps, they are metal and fit into each other. At first I thought I would have difficulty with them, but they turned out to be very easy to work with. The only concern I have with these is that they may be more difficult to handle during the winter, as the metal would get cold and there is no way you can handle them with gloves on.

Putting it to the test

The harness is advertised for hiking, running and walking, so in order to give it a good test I used it for all three on separate occasions. For every one of these activities the harness performed well. Because of its adjustability and broad chest plate Burger was able to pull solidly from his chest. I also found the length of the harness to be quite good and the belly strap didn’t rub at all in Burgers armpits, as I have observed in some other harnesses.

Burger can get a tad bit excited when he comes across wildlife, deer and squirrels are some of his favorite things, so I found the handle especially helpful to rein him in when he got overly excited with his surroundings.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get him to walk nicely on a leash while in the harness, but to be honest I have trouble getting that behaviour out of him on the best of days, so it’s clear that the harness is not to blame.

Overall impression

Overall I found Kurgo’s Pinnacle Harness to be a good fitting harness that I would recommend to anyone, with a gentle dog, that likes to hike with their dog or cani-cross.

The harness also has some additional features such as the front attachment which can be used to turn it into a no-pull harness, which I chose not to test for fear of confusing Burger as I always encourage him to pull in harness. The harness is also machine washable which could come in handy if you’re like me and like to go out in all weather conditions and are not afraid to get a little dirty.

Unfortunately, after a few months of use, Burger was able to rip this harness apart.  It started with a few small rips in the fabric, and then most of the top tore off.  Burger is a solid dog, and this is not the first harness he has destroyed.    Thankfully, the re-enforced stitching along the back of the harness held in place, we were still able to hike back to the car.   This harness would likely be fine on a dog who is not a constant puller, but it was not able to withstand Burger’s strength. 

Happy tails!

André and Burger

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