28 December 2013

Shelia's gloves and skis

Here is Shelia's great idea!  

"Yes, I admit it, I wrote G and H on my skijoring/kicksledding gloves, and also on my ski tips....we use our skijor bungee line for hiking and snowshoeing, so the dogs get lots of practice with gee and haw year round. ( Though sometimes other hikers have questioning looks on their faces when they hear us)". -Shelia

Well Shelia, let them stare! I wanted to share this great idea!

Shelia got her idea from coaching mini-mite hockey, when  the 5 and 6 year olds needed help with R/L in terms of ice position.  She often thought of marking their gloves to help them, but never did. 

A little more about Shelia

Shelia got into skijoring, after she adopted her yellow lab/chow mutt, Gryphon, from her local shelter in the spring of 2010.  

Gryphon was planned to be a snowshoe and hiking buddy.  That winter, she was sitting in a pub, listening to her son's jazz group, when she saw skijoring on the pub's TV!

The Outside Channel had a piece on the sport,and Shelia thought that would be great to try. A long time ski patroller/downhill skier, she had not done cross country for many years!

She got a nice pair of skis and boots, from local re-sale sports store, found Nooksack Racing supply in Maine... off she went. 

She got some advice from friends who skijor, read "Ski Spot Run" and "Skijor with your Dog" and lots of online info.  Her husband adopted Edgar, a black lab cross last year, who is a fast little skijor dog!  Now they get out skijoring or kicksledding a few times a week!

Thanks for the handy tip Shelia!  Happy Trails to you! 
Edgar and Gryphon are not only skijor dogs, they also spend lots of their time in front of the kickslet, in tents and in the canoe! 
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