8 December 2013

Brrrrr! - Video

Dec. 7, 2013
It was a cold, cold, cold morning.  We headed out to Bird's Hill Provincial Park, just North of Winnipeg to meet a friend for some skijoring.  With the wind making the temperature feel like -40, we planned on a short easy run for the dogs.   When the air is this cold, the snow has no glide.  So even with colder temp. glide wax on, it was a ton of work for dogs and humans.  It was work that was well worth it. 

Burger is getting the hang of skijoring, and gets very excited when we pull up to a trail he knows!   He decided to climb into the front seat to help Dré  get his boots on.   Burger is still learning how to work ski boots, so he wasn't all that helpful.
We ran the dogs in different orders. On the left, Money Penny runs with River Dog, as Ember leads out.   The picture on the right is Burger and Money Penny.   Burger is really coming along, he waits at the end of the gangline for the command to hike.  He is becoming a Gee Haw leader, and he will happily run with any dog.  We keep his runs in harness short, and fun, and never push him for speed, as we are working on confidence before speed.  No need to burn him out!

Near the end of 5 K, Ember decided to take a break and cool off in a snow bank!   She is an awesome dog, who works hard.  She is also a hair monster, and needs to cool off!  She happily digs and rolls in the snow on the side of the trail.  
To see the video footage of the run, click here.