4 December 2013

Meet the Dog: Comet

Meet Comet!  Comet is a four year old female Eurohound Alaskan Husky, bred by Ivanna Nolke of Howling Dog Alaska. She is a kennel of one (family dog). Hobbies: Sleeping, stealing pizza, and running. Greatest dislike: sailing. She remains ever vigilant protecting the world from the imminent squirrel apocalypse.


2013- Palmares:

First - Birkiebeiner Barkie Birkie
First - SnowBowl Skijor
Third - Loppet Skijor Nationals, male 

What dog pulling sports have you been involved with?

This is our family's first dog sport. They were all nordic skiers, but Big Guy wanted to go faster and that's where I make the magic happen.  (To see Big Guy's interview click here)

How did you first get started in the sport?

I started training Big Guy from the very start. He had a little puppy harness we used for walks and I've trained him to use gee and haw type commands from day one. I've also trained him to pick up my poo, which is the funniest thing EVER.

When did you know you were hooked on the sport?

Protecting the world from the coming squirrel invasion is obviously my first priority, and I love my job. But that first mass start race with the other squirrel guardians was something I'll never forget. I live for the hole shot!

Tell us what the local scene is like for you. What is mushing like in your neck of the woods?

Well, most of my buddies are into hunting birds. Some of the little dogs in the neighborhood...I have no idea what they do besides yap yap yap.

What is your favorite activity to do with your people?

Big guy thinks I like to run, but really that's just training for the World Sleeping Championships. He just picked up a new leather couch I've been testing out when he's not around.

What other kinds of training have you done with your people?

Every morning I wake up Big Guy for the morning squirrel patrol. That's always the hard part. It's a ton of work keeping him moving and in decent shape.

Tell us about your current people.

I mostly run with Big Guy. Big Lady is a fast skier, but thinks I'm a bit nuts. I absolutely love the power to weight ratio when I run with Little Guy or Little Girl, but they are not yet ready for a race.

What characteristics do you look for in a new people?

New people. Hu? What! No. This is my family! I love them and I'm not leaving. Grrrrrrr

What is your favorite piece of gear? Why is it your favorite?

Big Guy has an oversized treat bag from Howling Dog Alaska that he keeps on his belt.

Describe a perfect run with your people.

The one that's starting now.
Can we go now?
How about now?
How about now?

What is the best advice you have ever been given for mushing?

Jim Benson of Midwest Skijor says “It's never the dog's fault”. He's right.

What resources have you used to further your training?

I'm not into heart rate monitors, books, or a big discussion. I'm more the “just do it” sort of dog. This leaves me more time to prepare for the coming squirrel invasion.

Why do you run your people?

Big Guy used to be called that for reason. I've run 1/3rd of his body weight off so far. It's all about power to weight ratio, baby.

To read about the other half of this awesome team click here for the interview with Dallas, Comet's Big Guy.

Comet Johnson has a fanpage on Facebook where she's a superhero saving the world from squirrels.  Be sure to check it out!