12 January 2014

Gear Review: Wheel Dog Harness from Howling Dog Alaska

We put Penny to the test, with the Wheel Dog Harness from Howling Dog Alaska.   You can see the video by clicking on her picture. 


We tested the harness out for kicksledding.  Kicksleding in a regular X-back style harness puts a fair amount of pressure on your dogs hips.   The Wheel Dog Harness from Howling Dog, is designed to take the pressure off of the dog's hips. 

It takes the pressure off the dogs hips, in part by being a tad longer than a regular X-back harness.  The other unique feature, is that the harness has rings, on each side, which allow the back end to move up and down, taking the pressure and putting it on the harness, and not on the dog's back end!  

 The model we tested was the regular, Wheel Dog harness.  It fit our model dog, Penny, very well.    Howling dog makes another Wheel Dog harness called the "Ultra", with a larger neck opening.  

All in all, the harness was very light, and well constructed.   The chest was strong, and wide, allowing our dogs to really push into it, and pull the sled.  When I ran two dogs in wheel, using this harness, I felt we had more power, than when we have run them on the sled using other harness styles.    It took some time for the dogs to get used to a new style of harness, but now when I bring it out they wag their tails, and lean right in! 

The verdict?

If you are kicksledding, get your dog one of these!  If your dog is wearing a regular X-Back harness, the low attachment point, from the dog, down to the sled, puts a fair amount of pressure on a dog's back and hips.   Dogs have to work harder pulling a kicksled than a skijorer, so do them a favour and get them a harness that's really made for what they are being asked to do.

Belle really wanted me to show everyone how stunning the red harness looks on a black dog.   Oh, Belle!  

I was not paid for this review.  I did receive two Wheel Dog harness to use and test out.  

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