6 May 2014

First Scooter Run!


First Scooter Run of the Year!

Burger and Belle have been out with my husband on the scooter this year, but finally, I got my chance!   
We headed to La Barrier park.  A super cool park, with a variety of trails, only a few minutes from my house!   We started out crossing the bridge, and into the river bottom.  The trails were a little wet!  So we cruised along the river bottom for awhile.   When we headed up the trails deeper into the woods and away from the river, we ran into snow!  So we turned around and booked it for the open prairie.    The killdeer were out, and shrieking!  Burger has never seen one before, so he was really interested!  But he managed to keep his cool, and not fall for their fake "my wing is broken" antics. 
Click on the picture above to check out the video!  We love comments on here, or on You-Tube!  But even more than comments, we love to see other teams in action!  So please feel free to share a picture or a video!