26 May 2014

Behind the scenes- Oxford Dogs & Friends on TV

Did you see us on TV? 

Here is the clip! 

We got the call about a week ago, “Would you be interested in talking about Micro Mushing?”

Interested?  Just try and stop me!   It’s my passion!  I love spreading the word about micro mushing and activities people can do with their dogs!   We were so in!

So we called up some friends from our local skijoring club, Snow Motion, and picked the place to meet.  Shawna brought her dog Pepper.  Chris brought Blizzard, and Kirsty brought Askum.   We brought Penny, and Belle and Burger.  A great crowd, with awesome dogs!  

I am so thankful to have such awesome mushing friends.    They love their dogs, and we always have a good time with lots of laughs.    
The reporter and camera person were super chill.  They really made this enjoyable, and took the stress out of being in front of the camera.  We had prepared the reporter before hand with some videos and blog posts about what to expect.   My husband, André acted as the media wrangler.  He was the behind the scenes guy that led them to set up their shots, and prompted questions and explained what they were seeing. 
The entire shoot took about 2 hours, with the dogs going back and forth.   As they got bored, we gave them plenty of breaks, and switched trails.      It’s all about the dogs, and we told that to the reporter.  We do this for our dogs.  If they aren't happy, we aren't doing it.    

The main idea we wanted to get across was how to do this safely.   Get the right gear, and get off the roads!  We want people to get out there and share some good experiences with their dogs!