11 January 2014

Kicksled Diagram

Kicksled- Rigged for Dog Power
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Kicksleds are meant to be propelled by kicking.  By standing on the footplate, and pushing on the handle bars, you can really get some speed going!  Be sure to switch feet often, to stay balanced and keep the sled going straight.
 Adding a dog, adds a bit more power, and a whole lot more fun!.  For the sake of the sled and the safety of your dog, you need to make some adaptations to the sled first. 

A kicksled can be adapted by adding a bridle.   You can purchase the required hardware from Canvasback Pet Supplies.  The gangline attaches to the bridle.  

Always use a proper kicksledding harness, such as the Wheel Dog harness from
Howling Dog Alaska.  Using a regular X-back harness on a kicksled, will put more downward pressure on your dog's hips.  Creating discomfort and not allowing the dog to pull properly.  

Do you kicksled with your dog?