6 January 2014

In case of Emergency

A few years ago, one Febuary day,  I drove out on a road, that got a little narrower, and then had some snow drift.   Not being able to turn around, I went for it, right towards the drift, hoping the weight of the SUV, would carry me through to where I could turn around.  It was -40 with the wind that day, and I ended up stuck, and alone. I had 4 dogs with me, and a sled, but was hours away from anything and anyone.  That was scary.  I scraped and shoveled, and made it out alright.

 An emergecny kit in your vechile.

Nowadays, I am a little older, and a little wiser.  I carry an emergency kit in my SUV, with the hopes to never have to use it.   It gets cold here, and I often skijor alone.   So a little bit ofsafety and planning goes a long way to peace of mind.

What's in the kit?

I have an emergency blanket, which is like a huge piece of tinfoil.  If my car is dead, I can wrap up with a dog or two, and with some shared body heat, live until help comes.  This also will come in handy if I ever fall through the ice again, it will allow me to warm my body and stay alive.

I also have an emergency candle.  The candle will throw off a small amount of heat, and in the confines of the car with the emergency blanket, I will be able to stay warm enough.  Of course, I have also packed matches, so that I can light the candle!  And if worse comes to worse, I can always use the candle to wax my skis, and ski outta there!

Now, if you are stranded with a dead car somewhere, it's best to have some food!  I have a few energy bars in there.  Multiples, in case I am stuck for a long time, very hungry, or have someone else with me.   Having something to eat will provide fuel for my body, and will allow me to keep warm.

Along the same lines, I have chew bones for the dogs as well.  If we are stranded, we are in this together!   Plus, the more food they have, the more body heat they will be able to make, keeping me warmer!

Do you have an emergency kit in your car? What's in it?