22 November 2013

Meet the Musher: Steve

Meet Steve, and the Diaomnd Disc dogs. They are a double threat, they can mush and they can fetch!  The Diamond Disc dogs perform all across Manitoba at various events showing off their amazing talents with the disc.  They make their home on a farm near Inwood, Manitoba, with their own dedicated skijoring track.  

That's a great picture.   Tell us about your dogs.

I have 6 border collies and have recently adopted a lurcher. Two of the collies are retired 15 and 14 years old. The others range from 1 year to 8 yrs and all love mushing.

How did you first get started in the sport?

I heard about skijoring and the club Snow Motion through another dog sport, agility.

What other kinds of training have you done with your dogs?

My dogs also train for agility, Frisbee and clicker training for tricks.

Your dogs have got some pretty cool moves.  Where do you perform with them?

we perform at daycares,seniors centers, fairs, rodeos, sports games. Wherever unique entertainment is wanted. 

What do your dogs think of the life of fortune and fame?

They love meeting people but get a little overwhelmed when crowded. we have performed for hundreds of thousands of people over the years and at football games we sometimes have about ten thousand watching.

The dogs love it when the fans are happy.

Out of all the tricks your dogs can perform, which was the hardest to teach?

The footstall, where the dog balances on the bottom of your feet was probably the hardest.

What do you look for in a new dog?

Intelligence, biddable, sociable, tireless,fast. i like a dog that is able to concentrate fully at the task at hand. I like the working ethics of the border collie.

Why do you run your dogs?

I run my dogs because it is excellent exercise for us and fun.  I like the bond that is established between us from working as a team.

To see more of the Diamond Disc Dogs, check out their website:

To see some very happy dogs check out their You Tube page

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