17 November 2013

5 Dogs, 3 People, 2 Scooters and 1 Mountainboard

Last Dryland Run of the Season

It's November already, and we are getting excited for the snow!  But before we get all the white stuff, it is time for one last dryland run.   We headed out with Ember, Money Penny, Burger, Belle and River-dog to Bird's Hill Park. 

There is a nice service road, which on weekends usually has no one on it.   The trail goes around an old sand pit, so the ground is fairly soft. It's great to run in the fall and the spring, as the cool ground is a little harder and gives the dogs some more traction.  There are a lot of coyotes and deer in the area as well.   Thankfully we did not see any today.

The loop we ran on was about 3 km long.   We did  a run with all the dogs, and then switched back to the car to leave Burger there.   This was Burgers first time with the scooter, so we kept the run pretty slow and short.   He did an awesome job, and when we took him back to the truck, he got zoomies and ran around like a crazy beast. He had lots of energy left!   He is really shaping up to be a great pulling dog!   We are limiting his outings, and everything we do is to build confidence at this point.

Click on the Video here to join in the fun! 


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