11 January 2015

Crazy Jumpers Dog School and Boarding

We were invited out to Crazy Jumpers Dog School and Boarding, in Gimli, Manitoba recently.   Our host Patricia is an experienced dog trainer and musher.  She is also an excellent host!

The trails are beautiful, and well laid out.  I skated around the trails first, then whipped around for a quick tour with three dogs.  After that we just played on the trails, taking the sharp turns and beautiful scenery in.   I am not sure how many times I went around, but I was never bored!    I loved skijoring through the frozen marsh, amongst grass nearly as tall as I was!    The trail took us through Manitoba prairie and out through mixed aspen forest.   Truly beautiful!     

The trails were well marked with signs to warn you when you could be expecting head on traffic, and warning you of approaching turns.    With enough turns and loops on the trail, I was able to work the dogs on their directional commands, and also challenge myself with some nice sharp turns at high speeds. 

Our group included everyone from experienced international racers, to intermediates and beginners.   Everyone was able to go at their own pace, and the trails were wide enough to allow for a few head on passes, or to step off to the side as another team passed by.    

After a few runs in the morning, the whole group got together for a picnic lunch in the Crazy Jumper's training area.   What a treat to be able to sit down, and be warm while eating my lunch!  

After I stuffed myself with humus and deer sausage, it was back on the trails for some more rounds of fun! 

I can't wait to go back! 


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