17 February 2014

Snow Motion: Film Frenzy


The Film Frenzy!

The following films are part of the annual Snow Motion Film Frenzy.    Members of Snow Motion Winter Sports Dog Club race, shoot and edit their films for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to the Winnipeg Humane Society Boutique.


All films must have contained footage of the Snow Motion Classic Race held at Birds Hill Park. Participants race in kicksledding or skijoring with one or two dog teams.   Snow Motion offers races classes from Novice and Kids to Pro.   

We had two winners this year!   We have a two way tie! Shawna and Ashley are this years winners of the Film Frenzy!  Thank-you to everyone who submitted a film and to all the fans who voted!


 Click on the picture to see Andrè's entry! 




Click on the above picture to see Shawna's entry!


Click on the above picture to see Patricia's entry!



Click on the picture above to see Ashley's entry!


Click on the picture above to see Jäger's Bollywood movie!


 The film makers would love to see your comments and thoughts on their movies!