30 September 2014

Book Review: Skijor With your Dog: Second Edition

Burger as a puppy, learning the ropes of skijoring!

Skijor With your Dog: Second Edition

by Marji Hoe-Raitto Carol Kaynor

The combined efforts of a  professional writer, and a professional dog driver, Skijor With your Dog, is easy to read, and full of skijoring knowledge. The book covers everything from falling, to competition tips.

Similar to the first version, the book has many diagrams and pictures to illustrate their points. A nice change from the old book, are the new pictures, many of which are full page.

The book offers a through section called "Potential Problems and Possible Solutions". Which is a must read for anyone who is feeling frustrated that their dog just doesn't seem to "get it". If you are having problems getting going, it is worth buying this book, for this section alone.

The book takes you through everything you could want to know about skijoring. From the early history of the sport in North America, to picking your skis and your dog, to racing and winter camping. There is something for everyone in this book.

This is an easy to read, informative book. Rather than just simply a step by step, how to guide on skijoring, the rationale and reasoning behind the training and choices are presented.

A few take aways for me from this book:

I enjoyed the section at the back of the book, on a suggested training colander. It has given me some ideas about how to improve my own training schedule.

Training Philosophy. I am always thinking about this, and trying to learn from my dogs. I enjoy a book like this, that teaches you and gets you to think.

An excellent read. 5 Paws up.