1 October 2013

Book Review: Dog Scooter by Daphne B. Lewis


Dog Scooter
by Daphne B. Lewis

I don't even know how many times I have read, and re-read this book.  It's an easy book to read from cover to cover, or go back and pick up what you need.    This is a "How to" book written by the always positive Daphne B. Lewis.  

This book is a good starting point for those looking to get into the sport of dog scootering.  The book starts out with reasons why you should take your dog out scootering.  Which, is you are reading this, you are likely already a convert.   But it also handy, because if you do scooter with your dog, you are likely to run into people who know nothing about the sport, and want to tell you it is cruel.    So having some arguments from an experienced musher can certainly show you, that you are doing the right thing for your dog.   

Another section of the book describes the equipment needed, and offers suggestions on finding the right sized harness to fit your dog.   Not everyone runs huskies, and sometimes fitting for your non-husky dog can be a bit of a challenge.   

There is a detailed section of the book that deals with how to train the dog, which pretty much covers every scenario I have encountered.   Everything from the young pup, to a dog who is just a little too keen to charge ahead.  If you are just getting started, GET THIS BOOK!

The physical book is about the size of a magazine.  It has lots of  black and white pictures.  This is an easy and enjoyable book to read, and I have read it many times. Worth picking up if you want to scooter with your dog, or if you already are and want to expand your skill set!  

4 Paws Up! 



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