Skijor With Your Dog 


by Mari Hoe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor

A book that's been around a long time, it was first published in 1991.  Some of the gear they go over has been replaced now by more modern equipment, but much of it remains the same.    Although many of the articles first had their start in Mushing magazine and a Introduction to Skijoring pamphlet by the same authors.  

"Skijor with your dog" is a fine book for people just getting started in the sport, with a chapter on selecting a dog, or a puppy.  It also gives the good idea, of getting started skijoring, by learning to ski.  Which tends to be overlooked in the sport.   The authors offer a few tips.  Which, being good information, is very short, and in the very least should you to seek more detailed instruction. 

For those Do It Yourselfers out there, the book includes numerous intsructions on making your own booties, lines and even X-backs!

This book is further interesting becasue there is a chapter on skijoring with children or the disabled.

I am fond of the trouble shooting section.  Which goes over a list of common problems, and how and why to avoid them.   It's good reading for a novie, as well as anyone training a new dog or giving lessons. 

The book has lots of tips. Some of them come very quickly, so the book is certainly worth another read.  But it for sure, and have it on your shelf as a reference when you need it.  The authors offer a ton of experience and present it in an interesting manner.

4 Paws Up!